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Turn key projects:

Development of Turn Key projects for Telecom. Employees dedicated to understanding the customer's needs, providing PPI (Provisional Installation Project), PDI (Definitive Installation Project), Complete list of cables and connections, Electronic Diagrams of the solution, End-to-end Schedule, Inspection with Report, etc. . Customized projects according to customer needs.

Structured Cabling:

Supply and services of Optical Fiber, UTP Structured Cabling Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7. Organization, Measurements and Cable Certifications, Labeling with appropriate materials, Documentation with Diagrams, LLD, PPI and PDI. Execution according to EIA/TIA 568A, EIA/TIA 568B, EIA/TIA 606A and ABNT 14565 standards. Networking certifications in general. Training and Update Courses with manufacturers. Standardization according to customer needs.

Optical Fiber:

Supply and Passage of Optical Fibers in the customer's structure. Fixing and organization of Optical cords, fiber fusions. Supply and Installation of DIO – for interconnections between floors or sites. Carrying out preventive or periodic fiber cleaning services. Preparation of Measurements with OTDR and Power Meter, generating reports on the general state of the optical fiber structure. Customized projects according to customer needs.

Infrastructure; Installations; Racks:

Supply and Installation of specific racks according to the customer's needs, keeping the local standard. Racks, conduits, bases and reinforcement beams on raised floors, Waxed cord lashings, Velcro, weatherproof insulation of the cable tray structure, development and assembly of custom benches, reinforced base for antennas, masts, civil works related to the project, etc.

Electrical Installations for Telecom:

Supply and Development of Electrical Projects for Telecom and Datacenter. Installation and Documentation for: No-breaks, Boards and Feeder Circuits, Lighting, Grounding and SPDA. Instrumentation for Electrical Quality Analysis, with elaboration of a complete report on the state of the installation. Issuance of ART (Annotation of Technical Responsibility); Certificate of NR 10 , NR 18/35 , NR 33; Execution in accordance with current technical standards NBR 5410; Company registered with CREA/SP: 0728476/SP.

Monitoring; probe; Signal analysis:

Supply and Installation of Monitoring and Analysis Probes of Data Signals, Objective and Subjective Quality, optical signal monitoring, data packets, etc. Performing Configurations, relocating Probes or equipment to other locations, providing remote access for configuring the equipment to the customer.

Server Settings; switches; routers; Firewall; etc:

Supply, Installation and Configuration of Switches and Servers of the solution. Remote or local operation in any region of Brazil. Update and Upgrade of components and boards. Equipment relocations with disassembly/assembly service, cable removal, equipment packaging, collection and shipment by means of specialized transport and asset registration. Networking certifications in general, Training and Courses with manufacturers. Infrastructure and Energization. Manufacturer as per customer standard.

24h support N1, N2 and N3:

Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with trained technicians, using telephone access, cell phones or electronic calls via the Power Diamond website. Opening of RMA Technical Calls to combat technical failure. Providing the progress of Maintenance processes, updating occurrences and closing calls. Online equipment testing, customer experience simulation, compliance and quality reports. Customized projects according to customer needs.

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